NetNewsWire 5

最近又开始研究起 Feed 这个阅读方式。之前一直使用的是 inoreader。但 inoreader 的响应速度实在是有些慢(可能是我梯子太慢?),很多高级功能对我来说暂时还用不上。iOS 上尝试了几个阅读器后还是决定用这个了。

我用它的理由是这个软件对 JSON Feed 这一标准非常友好。这样看 V2EX 的 Feed 时就会十分明了,可以直接显示用户头像。UI 则是原生风格,比较素,也很耐看。整个软件的速度和质量也非常之高。想看具体介绍的可以看少数派的文章


We believe that apps should never crash. They should be free of bugs. They should be fast — they should feel lighter-than-air.

We believe that quality is more important than just piling on features; we believe that quality is the most important feature. And we believe that high quality is transformative — it makes for an app you never hesitate to reach for. You can rely on it, and you do, again and again.

This makes us slow to add features. We are adding features — but never at the expense of how it feels. Never at the expense of reliability and speed.

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